Reflective on his musing bench
Sits one nostalgic bear
Who casts his mind back many years
In contem-plate-ive air.
He's had a raft of neighbours
Since first this nook he'd found.
Can there have been, what, seventeen?
No fewer, he'd be bound.
The earliest loved alpine plants,
The next milked goats she'd reared,
Then swings and Wendy house popped up
And landscaped ponds appeared.
One had babies every year -
Ted heard some tittle-tattle
'Midst rumour re paternity
Which he dismissed as prattle.
Reverting to more recent times,
Specifically this season,
Affairs at next door's letting cot
Are off the scale of reason.
The owners, breaking Covid rules
That ban their right to roam,
Have chosen to drive down and stay.
Ted wished they'd sod off home!

June Update:
They holidayed AGAIN this week.
How is that for "bear"-faced cheek?