Frog or Toad

Amphibians can fascinate.
Take, for example, Toad.
He and common hopping Frog
Are profiled in this ode.
How can one tell the difference
Twixt one and twixt the others?
They're of Anura order
Which might suggest they're brothers;
Yet Froggy's coat is shiny
Whilst Toad's is almost matt,
He has no hint of slimy
Nor is thin, he's rather fat.
His mouth does not boast gnashers
Whereas Froggy has his teeth
Within the jaw, along the top,
He's toothless underneath.
You're unconvinced?  You might decide
To try 'leg swallow' check.
If smooth without a ridge or bump
And slip slides down your neck,
'Tis Frog, not Toad whose outer skin
Is massed with many bumps
Which makes it hard to chew right through
Those gnarly gristly lumps.
So, either book the Eurostar
And take yourself to France
To sample cuisses de grenouilles,
Or "Vive la Difference"!