Bear Hair


Ted seeks to spruce up shabby fur.

It needs rejuvenation.

He is scrutinising bottles

With brow-furrowed concentration.

Of all shampoos, which shall he choose?

They number twenty-four.

Some replenish what’s been lost

And promise Full Restore.

There’s Keratin, Filloxane,

Extra-ordin-ary Clay

(Conditioner he’ll have to leave

Until another day),

Hair Loss, Protect, Dry, Nutri-Gloss,

Fine, Greasy, Smooth-Intense,

Dull, Damaged, Long, Flat, Coconut.

Another makes hair dense.

Should he go for Summer Saviour

Or maybe Oily Roots?

Decision’s made:  it’s Thinning,

Cost?  £2.35 from Boots.