Man Has Control


Most chores are done, you’re settling down

With thoughts of what to view,

Aware that TV programme flips

Require a Man’s IQ.


The Female’s good for lesser things

Like keeping house and shopping.

Her brain is feeble, it can’t cope

With high-tech channel hopping.


He’ll make a cup of tea.¬† How kind!

Her chance for programme switchin’.

Dismiss retrieving handset, though,

It’s with him in the kitchen.


Oh joy, his eyelids flutter, close.

The room explodes with snores.

She tiptoes over but, alas,

Remote’s held firm in claws.


How tempting to give up the fight!

Despite her cry and hue-ing,

It’s in the genes, unalterable,

That Man decides all viewing.


Yet, still the impasse can be solved:


To win the battle for control,

Don’t cook his Sunday roast.




Do you ever hanker

For TV days of yore,

When simple press of button

Meant a walk across the floor?