Culinarily Speaking


“Twenty-five Ways With a Chicken”

Sounds great if you’re blessed like Rick Stein.

I am not.  I confess I’m no cooker.

At ours there’s no chance to Fine Dine.


I envy all those who roll over

With pleasure at cookbook perusal.

In our house my offerings are met with

Four faults for a ‘neighing’ refusal.


I’ve friends m and f who love pulses,

Smart starters and sauces and beans,

Fajitas and herbs, spicy curries.

In kitchens they’re Kings and they’re Queens.


For all that, these god-desse-s need me,

Though not at their sides while they chop

For I am The Taster, The Eater,

The Critic, supreme, at the top.


Not everyone’s forte’s the kitchen.

We should function where we are most able,

So follow me, readers, while I

Take my place at the dining room table.