Unwanted Guests


I like mice

I do, really,

Far more than I do a woodlouse,

If only they’d limit adventures

To demarcation lines outside our house.


One’s dared to explore the t.v. room,

Another’s run under the sink.

The porch has seen four.

They squeezed under the door

In less than an eye takes to blink.


Mouse prevention has sprung into action,

Traps set and all entry holes filled.

Much cash has been spent

With das-

Tardly intent:

I’m sorry, but mice must be killed.


Peppermint oil makes wee beasties recoil

And so does a sniff of mothballs.

I’ll give both a try

As it’s now do or die

To keep vermin away from our walls.


Long sticky flaps are now fitted to gaps

To repel any rodent that’s lurking.

Should our neighbouring cat

Stamp its paw and go splat,

At least one deterrent is working.


Final ace up the sleeve,

The best, I believe:

Brown bears wolf down mice, it is said.

I’ll dial up The Bear

And call round when he’s there,

“I’ve a favour to ask, Merry Ted……………”.