Bear brother has been honoured

With huge Party in the Garden

(Garden Party would be better

But it rhymes not, beg your pardon).

He’s “done good” in the community

Hence crested invitation

To rub shoulders with the Royals

At a Palace celebration.

One subject in eight thousand,

He was there that afternoon,

Arriving at the Gate quite late

On sunny day in June.

Security was extra-tight

Armed bobbies scanned the guests,

Vigilant and steely-eyed,

With weapons strapped to chests.

Vast gardens were a joy to see

And food entirely splendid.

A chat with royal personages

Was how the beano ended.

His Royal Highness came and asked

“Were you able to eat tea?”

With nodding head, bear brother said

He actually ate three!

Tucked up at night, Prince Charles would write

In journal, “We’ve been where

We mixed with all the hoi polloi

And very greedy bear.”