Many have a bucket list

Of things they want to do

Like bungee jump,

An ocean cruise

Or visit to the zoo,

A ride upon a camel,

Wave surfing in Hawaii,

Get snapped in front of Taj Mahal,

Before they say goodbye-ee.


Others take a different tack,

List what they’ll never try

Like flying high on zipwire,

A meal of pumpkin pie,

Join with excursion tour group,

Share data on the Net,

Go down a mine,

Store maggots, sing


Cappella in quintet,

Risk major change of diet,

Become a vegetarian,

A vegan, ovo-lacto

Or even pescatarian.


The wish list of my father

Was truly very slim,

To walk the city walls of York

And be taught how to swim.

Should you ask this writer,

It’s Loire Valley and Provence.

If only magic wave of wand

Could whisk me, swish, to France

Or closer, off to London

For best night of them all,

With pride, observe Remembrance

As guest at Albert Hall.

Finally, my Christmas choice,

A “must”, is coffee frother,

Which, if dear sons are reading this,

Is for, and rhymes with, Mother!