Blinking Pounds

Good morning, Mr Merry Ted,

How can we help today?

An eye test?  Yes, we’ll fit you in

With minimum delay.

I can confirm your vision’s good

But, please, do not rush off.

Smart bears endearingly mature

With age of a-hem(cough)

Will want to view eye button trays.

Do check our fine selection

There’s every hue imaginable

With full UV protection.

This upper row’s Designer Range

For most discerning bear.

We also offer part exchange

And first-class after-care.

Brown is, indeed, attractive

That shade suits you, I agree,

May I suggest the tawny rim

For bears haute bourgeoisie.

You might consider anti-glare

By choosing special coating

We guarantee it’s dazzle-free,

An extra worth your noting.

The weight of glass?  I do advise

Our best, the super-thin,

So head won’t slump to front or side

Or chest collide with chin.

The cost?  Insurance?  Fitting?

I’ll calculate your bill.

With discount, it’s six hundred pounds.

My word, you’re looking ill.

I have enjoyed our tête-aux-yeux

It’s good we’re now acquainted

A pleasure doing business, Sir,

If only you’d not fainted.