What’s in a Name?

Occupations and professions
Can amuse and make smiles wide.
Should a lady veer from lawyers
Who are Ditcher, Quick & Hyde,
Expect a glossy finish
From the painter who’s Matt White,
Curl Up & Dye‘s shampoo and set
To end up a delight?
One steers clear of fishing stockist
Despite tendency to cackle
At an image most off-putting:
What?  Not Master Bait & Tackle!
There’s Jo King, aspiring comic,
Hunter Fox, looks after hounds,
Eye Doctor, surname Seawright,
Doleful bankrupt, Owen Pounds,
Accountant, name of Cheetham,
Ann Eurysm in Ward Nine,
The man who runs to catch his bus
Is, aptly, Justin Time.
Last not least, behold competitor
Unfeted, much maligned.
He is the losing athlete
And our favourite, Miles Behind.